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We're so confident that our products work that we offer a money back guarantee on all of our Men's Locker range of products. To qualify, you need to record your progress on a weekly basis, documenting the length of your penis on paper as well as taking a date-stamped photo with and without the penis extender attached each time. Please note that no refunds will be given after 12 weeks from date of purchase.


The Men's Locker range of extenders are designed and manufactured by experts and adhere to strict quality standards. To back this up, we have included the following warranties with all of our products:

We offer a one and two year warranty (depending on the product) on the production of all parts and assembly of our products. If any of your parts are less than up to the highest standard or an issue has occurred during normal use, we will ask you to report this to us via email ([email protected]) and to please include a brief description and a few pictures of the damaged part. If the issue cannot be determined via email/pictures, we may ask you to return the product to us for a closer inspection.

Men's Locker Basic - 1 Year Warranty

Men's Locker Original Range - 2 Year Warranty

Men's Locker Premium Range - 2 Year Warranty

If the part is not under warranty, we will quote you on the repair/replacement part. Please note that if a part is not under warranty, all shipping and handling costs will be for your account.

Please note that all perishables (straps, tubes, foam pads etc) are not covered, and can all be ordered through the Accessories page

We do also offer a range of Extended Warranties, so you can protect your investment for that much longer. These can also be found under Accessories.

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JES Extender are also so sure that their devices are effective that they are willing to refund you double what you paid if you haven't noticed any results after completing their program! This confidence comes from being in the business for over 15 years and not once having had a customer claim their refund.

To qualify, you will need to log your progress once a week on the JES Extender website. You will also be required to take before and after photos of your penis with the JES Extender extender attached.


The JES Extender range of extenders come with a full two year warranty on all of their products.


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Menslocker was started in 2010 when we discovered this revolutionary method of enlarging the thing men are most obsessed about, your penis! Our distribution warehouse is located in Johannesburg, but we do have outlets in Durban and Cape Town. We pride ourselves on offering you the best advice, best after sale support, the widest range of extenders in South Africa and a world-class delivery service.

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